Lori Woodhouse, MSW, CPCC
Certified Life Coach

~ Welcome to Mindful Living Life Coaching, LLC ~ We arrive at a time in our lives when we want to live more fully. We want to: I invite you to take a moment to ask yourself these questions¦
  • What do you want more of in life?
  • What are your deepest wishes for your life?
  • What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Click here

Life Coaching is for men and women who are * motivated * to create balance, fulfillment, direction, purpose, and success in their lives. They want to LIVE and LOVE Life. Do you?

"Personal growth is hot...[Life Coaches] give clients the confidence to get unstuck -to change careers, repair relationships, or simply get their act together..."
~ USA Today

"Lori has a personal strength and charm that gives her a magical presence." Learn more about Lori Woodhouse

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"Live the life you have imagined." -Henry David Thoreau

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