Programs for Business, Wellness Centers and Professional Organizations

"Lori Woodhouse presented "10 Powerful Ways to Reduce Stress" at our annual East Coast Training event at sunny Mohegan Sun. This was a very successful event due, in no small part, to Lori's wonderful presentation. I organize these events twice a year, and Lori has been, by far, the best speaker I have heard"! Gary P. Popovics, Capitol Light

"Lori Woodhouse presented "10 Powerful Ways to Reduce Stress" for the Celebrate Women program at the UConn Health Center. She not only spoke to our attendees, but through video-conferencing and a live broadcast on our website, Lori reached over 100 people. I had a wonderful experience planning this program with Lori and look forward to offering more of her lectures in the future. Personally, Lori is reliable, kind, and considerate. Professionally, she is an excellent speaker and an expert in her field. The content of her talk was informative and motivating. Lori received positive comments from all attendees with rave reviews! I would highly recommend Lori Woodhouse to anyone." Tara Morrison, Celebrate Women Program Coordinator, UConn Health Center

"Lori Woodhouse's knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm for her work are truly inspiring. She brings these qualities to the community lectures on Life Coaching, Stress Reduction, Goal Setting, and Meditation, that she leads at St. Francis Care in Enfield, CT. It is my pleasure to work with Lori. She is simply amazing!" Carol Tyler M.A., R.D., Saint Francis Hospital's Center for Health Enhancement

Seminars/Workshops are available on-site to Businesses, Wellness Centers and Professional Organizations.

    Programs include:
  • 10 Powerful Ways to Reduce Stress
  • Goal Setting - Take Your Life to a New Level
  • Creating Balance in the Working Women's Life
  • Creating Life Balance - A Workshop for Professionals
  • Chaos to Calm - Breathing Techniques that Reduce Stress Instantly
  • Taming Your Inner-Critic
  • Effective Communication Workshop
  • Stress-Free Holidays
  • Introduction to Meditation 1 & 2

Professional Coaching is also available on-site or via telephone to employees

Benefits of Seminars and Professional Coaching to Employees/Participants:

  • Increases productivity, organization, focus and concentration at work and home
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Improves communication with employers, co-workers and family
  • Reduces stress and stress symptoms
  • Enhances one's overall sense of health and well-being
  • Brings control back into one's life
  • Provides accountability, support and structure in achieving goals
  • Empowers individuals to adopt new, powerful and positive perspectives in life
  • Enhances balance, fulfillment and "success" in one's life

Stress in the Workplace

"Decades of research have linked stress to everything from heart attacks and stroke to diabetes and a weakened immune system. Now, however, researchers are connecting the dots, finding that the growing stress and uncertainty of the office have a measurable impact on workers' health and, by extension, on companies' bottom lines." The New York Times


  • 80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42% say their co-workers need such help. (Attitudes in the American Workplace VI Gallop Poll sponsored by the Marlin Company)
  • 65% of workers said that workplace stress has caused difficulties in their lives (Attitudes in the American Workplace VI Gallop Poll sponsored by the Marlin Company)
  • A recent survey revealed that 80% of Americans feel "stressed or very stressed." (The New York Times)
  • One in every six Americans suffers from depression and anxiety. (The New York Times)
  • Stress related illness costs the U.S. 10% of gross national product each year. (The Financial Times of London)
  • American Airlines claims that absenteeism costs the company one million dollars a day. (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Industry loses approximately 550 million workdays annually due to absenteeism. (The New York Times)


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